Episodic Journal

Iwan Njoto Sandjaja

Tao in Action

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Good conduct leaves behind no traces.
Good words afford no room for criticism.
Good mathematicians require no abacus.
Good doors need no bolts, and are not easily opened.
Good teachers do not need anything to bind their students to them.

The wise man, by his abiding goodness, saves other
because he spurns no one.
He, by his abiding goodness, saves the inanimate creation
because he spurn nothing.
This is called applied intelligence.

Therefore the good man is the bad man’s teacher.
And the bad man can serve as a lesson for good man.
When one fails to esteem his teacher….
Or the other fails to value his lesson,
Each is under great delusion,
though each may be learned.

The sage follow his nature in his relationship with people and the world at large.
He is able to treat good and the bad with goodness for he has no ego.