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Iwan Njoto Sandjaja

Leonardo Da Vinci

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I searched Leonardo Da Vinci on the web. First, I found Wikipedia page. I think you can find link to all Wikipedia contents in Da Vinci’s page. Maybe, I am a little bit exaggerating but Leonardo Da Vinci is really great Renaissance Man. The most interesting result is The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci.

My first encounter with Leonardo Da Vinci was in the seminar “Da Vinci Code Kebenarankah? Hujatankah?” (Da Vinci Code, Truth? Heresy?) by Stephen Tong. I am full of remorse because of wasting my childhood without learning anything in Indonesian elementary, junior, and high school. Here some similarity between Stephen Tong and Leonardo Da Vinci. They could use both of left and right hand to write/paint (ambidexterity). They both have polyphasic sleep/Uberman sleep. Here my name written by Leonardo Da Vinci