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Color-coded Equation

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Great idea must have great presentation. Math is a very condensed language for expressing great idea and -in my humble opinion- math suffers from bad presentation. A lot of people find that (math) equation is mind-bending and not easy to grasp. Why? Because, in math, you try to cram multi-dimension into single-dimension. In my term, math is HTML page source code. It is ugly. You need to render it in order to view. Thus, I try to present and render math by adding one more dimension which is color. FYI, color is a dimension that can cause chaos if not use properly as mention in Flatland.

Here is the first attempt:

More Than the Precious Stone

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A monk in his travels once found a precious stone and kept it. One day he met a traveller, and when the monk opened his bag to share his provisions with him, the traveller saw the jewel and ask the monk to give it to him. The monk did so readily. The traveller departed, overjoyed with the unexpected gift of the precious stone, that was enough to give him wealth and security for the rest of his life.

Catching the Rabbit

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The Night the Rabbit Broke Down

by Bob Buford after a conversation with Dallas Willard

It’s a false thing
and all the yelping dogs must know it.
But they’re caught up in the pure
thrill of the chase,
doing what they have been trained to do.

Prayer of John Calvin

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Almighty God and Father, grant unto us, because we have to go through much strife on this earth, the strength of thy Holy Spirit, in order that we may courageously go through the fire, and through the water, and that we may put ourselves so under thy rule that we may go to meet death in full confidence of thy assistance and without fear.

A Father’s Prayer

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by General Douglas MacArthur

Build me a son, O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid; one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory.

Alone With God Is Not Lonely

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Sendiri bersama Tuhan Tidaklah Sendirian

Reflection of Alone with God in Renovation of The Heart
Refleksi dari Sendiri bersama Tuhan dalam Renovasi Hati

Ketika mulai kulayangkan pandanganku ke sekelilingku, tak pernah kulihat alam begitu berdamai denganku, seolah-olah menjadi sahabatku. Hiruk pikuk Surabaya, suara klakson yang tidak bersahabat membuatku lupa bahwa alam bisa begitu bersahabat. Suara kicau burung yang bersahut-sahutan, suara jangkrik, gemericik air dan suara pohon cemara yang ditiup angin sepoi-sepoi membentuk nyanyian alam yang begitu harmoni dengan nada-nada yang tidak pernah bisa dihasilkan alat musik buatan manusia.

Tao in Action

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Good conduct leaves behind no traces.
Good words afford no room for criticism.
Good mathematicians require no abacus.
Good doors need no bolts, and are not easily opened.
Good teachers do not need anything to bind their students to them.


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I like mind games. Recently, we learn Sudoku. My wife and I like Sudoku. I am always lose to my wife. She is good at doing same thing over and over. I hate doing the same thing. Luckily, I like programming. After spent several hours before lunch, I finish my sudoku solver.